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How You’re Children Will Deal with You Dating

Dating when you have kids can be tricky. Kids tend to become pretty invested emotionally very fast. If you start introducing younger children to your dates and it doesn’t work out, the kids can go through a grieving process. Older children may not respond well and want to revolt against the idea of you dating, so they need to be approached with caution as well. If you have kids, here are some great tips.

When to Tell Them

Younger children should be kept in the dark about your dating for as long as possible. Children younger than teens tend to form attachments very quickly, and if they meet a date and see them a few times they will start to gravitate towards them. If the relationship doesn’t work out they can be devastated and it can be harder on them than it is for you. A teenager on the other hand should be dealt with differently. If you keep them in the dark they will see it as you lying and sneaking around. You shouldn’t give them details, but its okay to let them know you are dating again. This gives them time to process it before you introduce them to someone you’ve become serious with.

When to Introduce Them

Regardless of the age of your kids, you should wait to introduce them until you know the relationship is serious. This will prevent them from getting attached to someone who may not be around, and for older kids it helps to let them know that you are serious. It gives them the opportunity to work through the issues they may have without mucking up the dynamic.