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Sex and Dating Post Divorce

Getting a divorce doesn’t mean your sex life is over. It just means you may want to be more cautious before you step in to another relationship. You can still enjoy an active and fulfilling sex life even after a divorce. Here are some common things people run in to when in this situation.

Guilt about Moving On

Even after a divorce many people feel guilt about moving forward with their lives. This can lead to a complicated sex life that isn’t satisfying. Once the ink has dried on the papers though, there is nothing wrong with having sex. It’s important to not try to jump in to a full relationship immediately though. This will make the feelings of guilt even worse later, especially if the relationship doesn’t work out.

Dealing with Different Dynamics

Other people who are also divorced will understand the dynamic that is much different. In some situations it may still be necessary to deal with the ex. If you shared property or have debts that had to be split, it may still be necessary to have some contact with them. If you have children then contact with the ex will be necessary and often. If you start dating someone you need to make sure they understand that this contact may be necessary and they can’t get jealous. If you are dating someone who is insecure about relationships this can kill the relationship before it even gets off the ground. You need to be sure that you are dating people who are open to the dynamic differences with a divorced person.